Telecommunication Products

Wide & Integrated Network
throughout the country

The Telecommunications product distribution network from the Kisel Group subsidiary, PT Kinarya Selaras Solusi, has been known and trusted as a reliable partner for the sales needs of Telkomsel products in various regions of Indonesia.

Answers to your diverse business needs

Various technology-based channels

Modern Channel

Telecommunication product channels use digital switching technology and online platforms. Experienced with various partners such as Tokopedia, OVO, Flip, Traveloka, and various other platforms.

Traditional Channel

Wide and integrated distribution network throughout Indonesia. Operations supported by digitalization and the latest technology, we are able to reach consumers in urban and rural areas quickly and effectively. We also have partnerships with local agents that strengthen our network, ensuring products are accessible to all levels of society.

PT Kinarya Selaras Solusi is a subsidiary of the Kisel Group which is engaged in providing telecommunications products and distribution services.

This company, which was founded on March 11 2004, is a business innovation developed by the Kisel Group, in response to business demands and developments, which require reliable information technology support for the smooth running of its business management processes.

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