Human Resources Management

Creating Competent Resources

Telecommunication product channels use digital switching technology and online platforms. Experienced with various partners such as Tokopedia, OVO, Flip, Traveloka, and various other platforms.

Human resources management services from a subsidiary of the Kisel Group managed by PT Kinarya Analisdaya Mandiri as a comprehensive service provider for reliable and trustworthy human resource management in helping to improve human resources.

Human resource management solutions

Various services in human resources management

Labor Supply

Providing competent individuals in the fields of office boy/girl, security service and drivers with selected experience and expertise.

Manage Service

Providing individuals who are competent in their fields in accordance with educational backgrounds including professional support, front office, data entry, engineering/technical support, sales marketing, IT Support, back office, and call center.

Human Resource Service

Selection of workers using certain job criteria with the aim of producing applicants with the best competencies, providing workforce training services within the company and consulting which can provide detailed solutions for workforce recruitment needs so that workforce decision making is more efficient and effective.

PT Kinarya Analisdaya Mandiri is a subsidiary of the Kisel Group which operates in the field of human resource management services through reliable and trustworthy outsourcing services.

Dozens of years of experience in this field and trusted by several companies who have long collaborated in the needs of backoffice and front office personnel, cleaning personnel, training, security guards and their certification.

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