Integrated business solutions for various industries

Integrated business solutions for various industries

About Kisel

Get to Know Us Closer

Kisel is a cooperative founded by PT Telkomsel employees in 1996. Initially, as an employee cooperative, Kisel took on the role of supporting PT Telkomsel’s business operations. As time went by, Kisel grew and became a business partner of PT Telkomsel. Now Kisel has expanded its business wings and is competing in a wider market.

With the transformation of Kisel Group, the services we provide have become more diverse, sharp, dynamic and ready to answer existing business needs.

Kisel Group’s business services are carried out by subsidiaries, namely:

PT Kinarya Selaras Solusi (KSS)
Engaged in providing advertising business services and digital business solutions
PT Kinarya Selaras Utama (KUT)
Engaged in services in the telecommunications industry, including telecommunications infrastructure, electrical engineering and IT solutions.
PT Kinarya Selaras Piranti (KSP)
Engaged in providing building management and building maintenance services
PT Kinarya Alihdaya Mandiri (KAM)
Engaged in the field of human resource management services (outsourcing)

Supported by more than 6000 employees, Kisel Group is present in 11 regions from Sumatra to Papua. Specifically for telecommunications product services, Kisel Group is also present in… clusters, namely in……



To become the best cooperative in Indonesia and on a global scale


  • Creating sustainable prosperity for members
  • Efficient as a strategic and trusted partner for the telecommunications industry and other industries in Indonesia.
  • Contribute to the development of cooperatives in Indonesia
  • Manage kisel and business units professionally by applying the principles of “Good Corporate Governance”
Company Culture

Beyond – Having a sense of belonging and being part of the organization to provide the best

Focus – Focus attention on achieving targets effectively through efforts to maximize potential and creativity

Integrity – Be positive and act in accordance with company principles

Respect – Appreciate various parties in the process of interaction and synergy

Synergy – Think and act in collaborating strengths with internal and external parties to produce harmonious & optimal performance

Totality – Passion and commitment in devoting all your energy and effort by maximizing potential, being serious and wholehearted in working to provide the best service

Management & Supervisor
Suryo Hadianto

Chairman of the Board

Umar Syatri

Deputy Chairman I of the Management

Kurniawan Arif Aprianto

Deputy Chairman II of the Management

Intan Nagari

Management Secretary

Yudia Krisnahadi

Management Treasurer

Supervisory Board
Jaka Susanta

Supervisor Chief

Arman Hazairin

Supervisory Member

Tiosari Orion Tambunan

Supervisory Member

Ketut Eri Budi Setiadi

Supervisory Member


Supervisory Member